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Are you asking yourself “Am I in love with my best friend?” too often? This test discloses your sentiments for your best friend and shows your secret infatuation on them. Do you go beyond being friends?

Is This Love? Symptoms of Love for Your Best Friend

You know you’re in love with your best friend if you can’t stop thinking about them, get jealous when they date other people, need their physical affection, overthink how you look around them, are overly attentive, and continually flirt with them.

Find Out by Taking the Love and Friendship Quiz

This page’s questions reveal whether you are in love with your friend. We analyze your emotions, reactions, and behavior around your bestie, seeking affection signs.

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What the quiz can reveal

Is this lust or love?

You might be unsure of whether you have lust or love for your friend. Allosexual people frequently fantasize about their loved ones; this is normal. But if you’re in a non-sexual relationship with them, it could feel strange. The test enables you to determine whether you are merely a lustful, impure friend or whether you are truly in love.

Will it sour our relationship?

It might be upsetting to feel as though your feelings for a friend are shifting. You wonder how it will impact your connection, especially given how much you value it. Therefore, the quiz utilizes your answers to evaluate the likelihood that your feelings will have a negative impact on the friendship.

Romantic love versus love between friends

The foundation of all friendships is platonic love. However, romance is distinct since it also involves physical attraction and the desire to be more than just friends. If you do, you’re already in a love relationship with your closest friend because you don’t dream of starting a family with them.

8 Incontestable Signs You’re More Than Friends

When you next question yourself, “Am I in love with my best friend?” use this checklist as a guide. Despite your denial, the following behaviors and responses are unmistakable signs that you’re developing feelings for your closest friend.

#1: When your best friend starts dating, you feel envious.

In any friendship, a small amount of jealousy is okay because you don’t want to lose your friend. But if your level of envy is higher, you should undoubtedly consider it a warning sign.

#2. You catch yourself inadvertently making out with your pal.

It’s common for best friends to flatter or even flirt with one another for enjoyment. However, unintentional flirting and seeming extra teasy-ish are indications that you have a crush on your friend.

3. Everyone believes you have found love.

After someone ships them, a lot of people truly ask themselves, “Am I in love with my best friend?” Therefore, you may want to reevaluate your emotions if you consistently hear remarks or inquiries about you two being in a relationship.

You fantasize about your best friend (number four).

Even when in platonic and amicable relationships, sexual fantasies still exist. However, if you fall in love with someone, you can’t help but dream of having a sexual encounter with them—unless, of course, you’re asexual.

#5. The physical affection you have for your bestie is different.

When your best buddy touches you, do you sense a reaction across your entire body? If you said yes, you probably love someone. The sexual tension is one of the key distinctions between romantic love and friendship love.

Sixth, you have no interest in other people.

Before pondering the question “Am I in love with my closest friend?” take into consideration your willingness to date. You’re less likely to have a crush on your friend if you’re open to dating and seeing other people.

You don’t cringe when you consider dating your best friend.

The concept of dating each other would make the two ends cringe in the majority of casual friendships. But if you don’t wince and secretly enjoy the concept, you probably have a crush on your partner.

8. You pay too much attention to your friend.

You don’t care about flaws when you’re in a deep, intimate friendship, which is great. Your friend is well aware of all your negative traits and yet wants to hang out with you. However, as you begin to fall in love with a friend, you start to pay more attention and become less likely to admit your faults.

What if the quiz results indicate that my best friend and I are in love?

Nothing wrong with loving someone or wanting to be more than friends with them, so don’t worry. If the quiz reveals that you have a crush on one of your best friends, you should get ready to confess, or at the very least, talk to them about it.

Here are a few advices.

Select openness over secrecy.

Most likely, you’re asking yourself a lot of things like, “Will they like me? Am I prepared to commit to someone? Are my feelings actual? Therefore, it makes sense that you might not want to discuss it with your friend. However, since you’re holding a secret from your best friend—something that true friends never do—this could sour your friendship.

So talk to your best friend about your feelings rather than avoiding them. At the very least, let them know you have some “thoughts” about them.

Let them know how important your friendship is.

Is my best friend and I in love? That is the first important question. second: Will our friendship hold together? It’s important to reassure your friend that you cherish what the two of you already have when you disclose your feelings.

Don’t overshare your feelings with your pal.

It’s a good idea to express your emotions subtly. In the beginning, you can merely bring up the subject and express your opinions. When you think your friend is ready to hear more, you can then gradually reveal more.

Be ready for any response.

Your best buddy and you might be in a relationship. However, it’s not a given that they will experience the same thing. Therefore, be ready for any result and try not to let it depress you, even though it’s easier said than done.

Be innovative.

Before telling your best buddy about your feelings, you might test the relationship. It’s a test to determine how much you two care for one another, and it’s the finest resource to use when bringing up the subject. Take the test, show your bestie that you two are in love beyond simple friendship using the results, and then confess. Smooth.

Are You Prepared to Discover Your Bestie’s Crush? The exam is forthcoming.

The crucial query nevertheless is, “Are you in love with your best friend?” So be ready for a difficult quiz where we will be brutally honest about everything. To determine whether you have a crush on a friend or not, answer 20 questions that at first glance look innocent.

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