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Do you want to know how uncommon you are? Based on your personality and traits, this personality test determines your rarity. How normal are you?

A Test to Determine Your Rareness

The rarity test evaluates your traits and determines how unusual you are by comparing them to those of others. In essence, it’s a personality test. But it emphasizes your special qualities that others don’t have.

Participants who ask themselves questions like “Am I unusual or extraordinary?” find the quiz helpful.

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Why Are Some People Rare?

In general, every human being is distinctive in some manner. A person can, nevertheless, become unusual due to particular physical or mental characteristics and life events.

physical traits

Less than 2% of people on the planet have red hair, just 1 in 10 people are left-handed, and 1 in 200 people have the 25th rib. These are a few illustrations of physical traits that could make you more uncommon than others.

Type of personality

You may be distinct due to particular behavioral variations. Therefore, it’s important to understand who you are before assessing how rare you are. And a trustworthy tool for it is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Less than 2% of people have the INFJ MBTI personality type, making it the least common. INFJs are characterized as empathic, intuitive perfectionists.


Your life experiences may occasionally determine how uncommon you are. Consider Australian sailor Thomas Musgrave, who spent more than 18 months surviving on a deserted island. You can become an outstanding person very simply if such strange things happen to you.

Three Clues That You Are a Rare Person

How unusual are you is the key question. But in order to evaluate someone’s originality, you must be aware of what to look for. Is it your appearance? Do you want to emphasize personality? Or is there an alternative?

Rare people typically exhibit three traits.

#1: You frequently have a sense of alienation.

Loneliness is the price of being unique. A rare person can seldom form relationships with numerous people. They frequently feel strange, which may even make them feel insecure. However, alienness is a signal of rarity. Because of the mismatch between your vibe and energy, you are unable to connect with people.

You have a surplus of empathy, #2.

Rare personalities are said to have a propensity for weaker people. They are always driven to assist others by their sensitive character. Consequently, your compassion is proof that you are unique.

3. You are a slow-moving perfectionist.

Not all indications of rarity are favorable. Perfectionism is a trait shared by outstanding minds. But the reason many of them delay is due to the same characteristic. These people do poorly because they feel the need to do everything perfectly. They therefore strive for perfection, but the strain to achieve it renders them inert.

Who Are a Few Rare Individuals?

Mandy Sellers: Her upper body weighs 84 pounds, but her legs weigh more than 210 pounds.

Shin Hiomin: He appears to be a boy of about ten. He truly is 30 because he has the uncommon highlander condition.

Zion Clark is a professional wrestler despite being born without legs.

Deepak Jangra: He is totally immune to electricity and can withstand shocks of 11,000 volts.

Is Being Extremely Rare a Good Thing?

It varies. There are many different ways to be unique. Some people are remarkable because of their uncommon personality types, uncommon physical characteristics, or extraordinary life stories. However, being a rare individual does not elevate you above other people. Thinking that being different equates to being better is a little narcissistic.

It’s a good notion to be grateful for your gifts. However, you must never degrade or use them against others.

The Issue with Other Online Rarity Tests

The biggest problem is that the majority of quizzes emphasize your physical and facial characteristics. However, those are not the only indications of uniqueness. Yes, looking at you makes it easier to determine how uncommon you are. A true test, however, ought to provide some leeway for your personality and background.

Consider exceptional people like Einstein. His looks and body were very typical. And if he had taken any of the aforementioned quizzes, he would probably be classified as normal. But we are all aware that he is one of the most uncommon people in our history.

The good news is that the rarity test on this page takes into account all of your qualities, including appearance, personality, and even memories. Because of this, the results’ correctness is ensured.

Take a quiz to determine whether you are rare or normal.

Do you still desire to know your rarity? then take the test. The 20 quick questions on this page will give you a better idea of how unique you are than any other internet tool.

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