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Have you ever had an Otaku ask you, “What Dere are you?” Do you ever wonder what type of Japanese person you are? If you were an anime character, what would be your love archetype?

Know Your Dere in 5 Minutes

It’s time to have a thoughtful response ready for people who ask, “What are you doing here?” This page’s quiz assesses your personality, affection style, and potential romantic interests to provide the most appropriate diagnosis. The test identifies your -Dere category in three phases. The first section examines your primary characteristics regarding your love partner. Your love language is analyzed in the second section. The final component also evaluates your memory.

Dere in Anime Explained for Dummies

Did someone ever ask you, “What do you do?” and you were clueless as to what they were discussing? Here is a succinct justification: – Dere is derived from the word “deredere” (). It’s equivalent to the words “lovestruck” or “lovey-dovey.” It alludes to the tropes of love and crush among anime characters.

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Your Dere, then, represents how you might respond to a new crush, flirting, compliments, or being adored. Your Dere is Deredere, for instance, if you’re the kind of person who constantly kisses their partner. You are a Kuudere if you consistently keep your feelings to yourself around your crush.

What Your Dere Type Reveals About You

Our test’s central question is, “What Dere are you? ” However, it also reveals more about your character, characteristics, and hobbies.

Your Love Language

The expressions of love you employ are referred to as love languages. Additionally, each anime character has an own manner of expressing their emotions. You probably already know what kind of anime character you are and what your love language is. However, it’s alright if you don’t—you’re about to find out.

Your Anime Crush Taste

Your Dere reveals the character types you are drawn to. For instance, Sadodere people frequently fall in love with the lead character or the star of the most popular anime series.

Your Anime Counterpart

Which characters are related to you by the same -Dere? On this website, we provide answers to questions of that nature. For instance, Taiga Aisaka () from the Toradora is your anime universe twin if you are a Tsundere!

What Anime Are You? (Identifying Your Type Without a Test)

Some of you are understandably too eager to wait for the test results. (However, the quiz just needs to be completed in five minutes.) So, in order to assist you determine your kind, here is a brief summary of the top four Dere types. Your Dere is the one to whom you relate the most. But if you want accurate results, you should take the test.

If you are angry and frigid on the outside yet kind and gentle on the inside, you are a tsundere. Like you, people tend to conceal their emotions, especially when they like someone. Tsundere characters frequently berate their crushes in an effort to dissuade people from thinking they are in love.

If you are cool and uninterested in your crush, you are a Kuudere. You find it easy to maintain your composure and act casual with your crush. You find it challenging to reveal your feelings for someone, though. So instead of expressing your true sentiments to your love interest, you play games with them.

If you are reserved, apprehensive, and quiet around your significant other, you are a Dandere. You will still blush around your crush no matter how many times you run into them during the day.

If you would do anything to be with your crush, you are Yandere. However, that might not always be a good thing. Sometimes you have to go over the line and even harm others in order to win someone over.

Analyzing Most Popular Anime Characters’ Dere in 2021

What Dere are you? has a solution. Otakus, however, also ponder the archetype of love displayed by their favorite characters. So here is a breakdown of the sweet romance between the adored protagonists and antagonists.

Natsuki Subaru (Re: Zero)

Natsuki is on the verge of losing control due to his special circumstance that causes him to regenerate after dying. And throughout the most recent seasons, that has made him more of a Bakadere. He is making every effort to think clearly. But, for the most part, that is not achievable.

Nakano Miku (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

You want to simp for this quiet girl in 2021. Since Nakano is a complete introvert with her crush, she is undoubtedly a Dandere. But she also has a quality that makes her rather possessive of certain individuals.

Rize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul)

When considering the most cruel anime female ever, she immediately comes to mind. She is therefore the ideal candidate to replace Sadodere. Rize takes advantage of the people she has crushes on. She also behaves as though she owns them and treats them as an object.

Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

When someone asks, “What Dere are you?,” many of us want to sound like Levi. He is the cool guy who appears uninterested in romance and relationships. But despite his frigid exterior, you can see that he is actually concealing a wide range of emotions. Levi is classified as a professional Kuudere because of this.

What Dere Types Are Worst for a Romantic Relationship?

Which Japanese anime series’ romantic motifs are harmful in real-world relationships, one could wonder? In all honesty, they all exhibit negative characteristics. The next three types, however, are the worst.


Just for fun, ask someone, “What Dere are you?” to hear someone announce, “I’m Shundere,” instead. That means “I am a depressed person who feels downcast all day long without any apparent reason.” And until Shundere people are prepared to get treatment, it is nearly impossible to develop a healthy relationship with them.


Run away if you ever encounter someone who declares, “I am a Sadodere.” Such people take pleasure in hurting, controlling, and betraying their loved ones. Your interaction with Sadodere people is therefore nothing but sheer misery, unless you are a masochist.

Himedere or Oujidere

You don’t want to serve your beloved as a slave, do you? You must treat Himedere or Oujidere folks like a prince or princess. And in a relationship, that is the most frustrating thing.

Want to Know What Dere You Are? Take the Quiz

It’s time to go past the “what Dere am I?” question. The 20-question test on this page quickly identifies your Japanese -Dere type. Additionally, the questions are humorous enough to keep you engaged for the next five or so minutes.


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