What Tarot Card Am I? 20 Simple Questions Will Reveal It

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Are you searching for a psychic to tell you which Tarot card you are? This precise 5-minute test identifies the Tarocchi sign that best represents your character.

This Quiz Reveals What Tarot Card You Are

Ever pondered which Tarot card best represents your personality? Then you are on the appropriate page. After examining your personality, our brand-new quiz can determine which card belongs to you. To help us uncover who you are in the Tarocchi symbology, please respond to 20 questions about your characteristics, beliefs, and way of life.

The Tarot Card Personality Quiz Explained

The major and minor Arcana are both present in the test on this page. Additionally, it is modeled after the most well-known deck of cards created by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith. See more below about this.

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On QuizExpo, you may also take a test titled What Kind of Person Am I? It provides perceptions about your personality from those around you. You can take it to see if the Tarot quiz results correspond.

Major or Minor Arcana

The Major Arcana consists of 20 numbered cards and 1 unnumbered card. They reveal the overarching picture, subject, or ideas of life. The Minor Arcana are the remaining 56 cards. They stand in for more general themes and ideas from life.

When attempting to determine which Tarot card you are, though, things are different. Various personalities are reflected in both the major and minor arcana. Therefore, being a weaker Arcana does not indicate that your character is flawed.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Deck

Occultist and poet Arthur E. Waite was a 20th-century individual. He was a pioneer in the field of illuminating Tarot cards. The Rider-Waite-Smith deck of cards, which he created on his own, is still a well-liked tool among frequent users and card readers. His instructions and explanations of each Tarocchi sign serve as the basis for our test.

A Brief History of the Tarot Cards and Their Mysterious Origins

The answers to the question “what Tarot card am I?” may be better understood if you are familiar with the histories of these cards. Occult America author Mitch Horowitz claims that Tarot cards were utilized in card games in the fifteenth century. Therefore, no one employed them to make future predictions or accomplish any metaphysical goals.

However, a writer and occultist by the name of Eliphas Levi published a book about the secret significance of Tarocchi symbols in the 19th century. After the publication of his book The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic, many began to associate the cards with paranormal occurrences and abilities. Eliphas is therefore regarded as the pioneer who made the association between playing card symbolism and Hebrew letters, Kabbalah, planets, elements, etc.

Can a Tarot Card Tell Who You Are?

Most people who ask themselves, “What Tarot card am I?,” are seeking personality analysis. So, can a set of symbolically represented and artistically drawn sheets reveal and reveal your personality? Tarot reader and YouTube star Bobbie Long holds this opinion. She further argues that you can use these images in your day-to-day activities to deal with the past, comprehend the present, and see the prospects ahead.

How to Know Tarot Card Meanings as an Amateur

Answering the question “what Tarot card am I?” is made simple by taking the quiz on this page. But if you know how to read people’s cards, you can determine which one belongs to whom based on their personalities. To fully comprehend all 78 signs, names, and symbols, it could take some time. But after you do, you won’t ever require an online test once again. These three simple methods will help you.

Method #1: Reading the Instruction Booklets

Every Tarot deck has a different author and illustrator. And alternative definitions of their cards may be used by the writers. Therefore, be careful to check the instruction manual inside the box whenever you purchase a new set of playing cards. Use step #2 if your deck does not include such brochures.

Method #2: Using Reference Websites

There are many educational websites, like Biddy Tarot, that can assist you in understanding the meanings of the cards. These websites typically classify various Arcana types to make it simpler for you to find what you’re looking for. Additionally, they include the key words for each symbol, making it easier for you to determine which Tarot card you are on your own.

Method #3: Trusting Your Instincts

Even the most accomplished readers advise you to trust your feelings and thoughts when reading. By looking through the deck and selecting the card that most resonates with you, you may determine what Tarot card best describes who you are. It can appear to be a crude approach. But for those who trust in Tarocchi’s psychic abilities, it works.

“What Tarot Card Am I?” We Have the Answer

You are now prepared to take the exam and learn the result. The best option for people who want to know what their Tarot card is is to take our 20-question quiz. We provide participants like you with immediate findings as well as a succinct personality analysis. Let’s move on.

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