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Which member of BLACKPINK are you, according to this quiz? You a Blink, right? Let’s find out which singer most closely resembles you. Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo, or Jennie?

The Quiz Every Blink Needs to Take

Fans of the devoted K-Pop group BLKPIK are well aware of their partiality. However, the goal of this 2021 exam is to identify the member whose personality is most like yours. The most accurate BLACKPINK quiz on the internet was made using the real profiles of the girls.

Blackpink Members’ Profile (Which One Are You?)

The Blinks frequently ask the following two questions: “Who is your bias?” Which member are you, too? The easiest method to respond to the latter question is to compare your personality to that of the four rappers and singers. Here is a quick summary of each K-Pop queen’s bio.

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Jisoo’s Profile

Jisoo is the group’s Visual because he is the eldest member. She is regarded as the band’s hottest member, which is appropriate given her leadership role. Jisoo, who was born in 1995 and is 25 years old, is the only female character in the film who desired to be an actress rather than a singer.

Hobbies include reading crime novels, shopping for accessories, and watching movies with her pet.

Actual name: Kim Ji Soo.

Jennie’s Profile

In the renowned K-Pop group, she is the second-oldest female member. The most frequent response to the question “Which Blackpink member are you?” is “Jennie.” She was born in 1996, and she presently performs for the group as its primary rapper and lead vocalist.

Hobbies include cleaning, cooking, shopping, and photography.

True name is Kim Jennie ().

Rosé’s Profile

She is among the group’s youngest members. In February 1997, Rosé was created. She also serves as the band’s lead dancer at the moment. She frequently connects with those that are emotional. In light of this, ROSé is likely to be the response if you ask a melancholy person which member of BLACKPINK they most closely resemble.

Hobbies include playing the guitar, cycling, and watching Disney movies.

Park Chae Young (), real name

Lisa’s Profile

Lisa is the most innocent and endearing member of BLACKPINK since she is the Maknae. Some of the group’s most recognizable choreographies were created by her. Additionally, she is fluent in Korean, English, Japanese, Thai, and elementary Chinese. When asked which member of BLACKPINK they are, many youngsters would like to respond, “I’m Lalisa.” She has a sweet, childlike attitude, which explains why.

Coca-Cola consumption, online shopping, and dance choreography are pastimes.

Pranpriya Manoban () is the real name.

How Does the Test Work?

The test is intended for fans who wonder which BLACKPINK member they most resemble. But the whole thing is a comprehensive personality test. In order to establish the South Korean girls’ virtual profiles beforehand, we gathered information about them. And this is how the test develops once you begin.

· Asking Blink-ish Questions

You a Blink, right? If so, the questions will be enjoyable for you. Although the questions appear straightforward, they are all (somehow) connected to Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé’s personal and professional lives. But don’t be alarmed. Non-Blinks should also find the questionary amusing and simple to participate in.

· Creating Your Profile

The goal of the quiz is to determine which BLACKPINK member you are. So, in order to compare your virtual profile to the females’, we must first develop yours. A few seconds pass during the matching procedure. Once you’ve answered each of the quiz’s 20 questions, you may view the results.

· Finding the Perfect Match

By the time the quiz is over, you’ll know which of the four K-Pop stars from South Korea best represents you. We’ll also give you explanations for why we think you and that particular member are similar. After that, you can show the results to other BLINKS and invite their feedback.

Which Celebrities Are Blink?

Which BLACKPINK member am I, is a question that many people have. Even some well-known celebrities exhibit sentiments akin to BLINK. Here are a few well-known individuals that have expressed their love for the K-Pop princesses.

Ariana Grande frequently gushes about how cute the BLACKPINK members are.

Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose have all consistently shown their affection for Selena Gomez. Additionally, they were able to include her in the song Ice Cream, which sparked a connection between them.

Halsey: As a lover of K-Pop and a supporter of BTS, Halsey asserts to like the girls’ efforts and appearance.

Charles James He is a die-hard Blink supporter!

Jaden Smith: He aspired to become a K-Pop celebrity. However, he can no more, so he now spends his time listening to them.

Dua Lipa: When she got to meet the BLACKPINK girls at her South Korean concert, she fell in love.

Which BLACKPINK Member Are You? Here Is How to Find Out

Okay, it’s time to discover the answer to the crucial query! Answering 20 questions akin to those in Blink will allow us to reveal your personality. The most accurate personality matching test you can find in 2021 is the BLACKPINK quiz on this page. And the reason for that is that we used Lisa, Rose, Jennie, and Jisoo’s revised profiles.


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