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Real people are certain of their TWICE prejudice. The bigger query is, “Which TWICE member are you? Which of the nine K-Pop princesses you are can be determined by this quiz.

The Twice Quiz You Should Take More Than Once

You can find out who your TWICE () counterpart or soulmate is by answering a series of 20 questions. To produce the most accurate results, the exam is based on the nine members’ updated profiles.

We can quickly match your personality with one of the singers, dancers, or rappers by asking you a series of fun questions.

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The entire procedure is comparable to our well-known “Which BLACKPINK Member Are You?” question. Therefore, if you chose that one, you already know what is in store for you.

Things You Learn by Taking the Test

Which TWICE member are you? is the question that the quiz is specifically designed to address. However, answering the questions will provide you access to far more information. Here are a few things you come to understand about your prejudice and your adversary.

· Personality

This K-Pop quiz was made using the nine members’ most in-depth profiles. We can then compare your personality to that of your bandmate, which allows us to provide you a personality analysis.

· Position

Are you interested in learning what role you would play in a K-Pop girl band? The test provides the response to that query. We examine your character to determine where you fit within a group.

· Interests / Hobbies

Matching one of the nine girls also indicates that you share some common interests. We shall thus provide you with a list of activities that you and your TWICE partner may find enjoyable.

· Fun Facts

It’s fun to know which TWICE member you are. But wouldn’t it be interesting to learn more about your K-pop musician twin? At the conclusion of the quiz, we’ll offer some interesting facts.

The Twice Members Profiles

Which TWICE member are you? is the question that the K-pop test on this page aims to resolve. To create a realistic test, we used in-depth character and lifestyle characteristics of each member. A sneak peak of our database is provided here.

Please choose the description that most closely describes you after reading the others. That’s probably your K-Pop equivalent. But if you want a thorough analysis and result, you can always take the actual test.

Jihyo’s Profile

When asked which TWICE member they were, a few people would respond, “I am Jihyo.” She is the most responsible and caring girl in the group, which explains why. Ji Hyo Park is her real name. She was born in 1997, as well. Jihyo originally intended to be an actor, but she changed her mind after seeing the reality program Sixteen. She enjoys reading webcomics, going for walks, browsing the internet, listening to classical music, and karaoke.

Nayeon’s Profile

In South Korea, she is the second-most well-liked band member. Due to this, many men and women would fight to be with her. Im Na Yeon is her true name off-stage, and she is the eldest member of the group, having been born in 1995. Nayeon, the most attractive member of the band, serves as TWICE’s spokesperson. She is also the team’s lead dancer thanks to her talent in the dance. She enjoys bubble tea and pastries. She also typically watches K-Drama or TV episodes in one sitting. Because she frequently misplaces her phone, Nayeon’s friends think she has a forgetful personality.

Sana’s Profile

Minatozaki Sana is one of the group’s youngest members. When asked “Which TWICE member are you?” the majority of fans want to compare themselves to her. Sana is endearing, clumsy, and just a little odd, so that explains everything. Sana is adored in both Japan and South Korea because she is one of the three Japanese girls on the team. Her pals claim that she enjoys eating spicy cuisine and that she frequently watches scary movies.

Mina’s Profile

When asked “Which TWICE member are you?” or completing a quiz, introverted fans frequently answer Mina. She is the female in the band who is the least outgoing. And her anxiety issues could be to blame for it. When Mina can’t sleep, she enjoys doing her shopping online, going out to eat, and surfing on her phone.

Tzuyu’s Profile

She is inevitably the band’s Maknae because she is the newest member of TWICE. The Evil Maknae, however, is a nickname for Tzuyu, whose real name is Chou Tzuyu! According to her pals, she is unlike any other cutesy K-pop performer you could run into. She gets up really early, spontaneously sings Disney melodies, and loves to eat great cuisine.

Momo’s Profile

Hirai Momo is the sixth most popular TWICE member, according to recent polls. She is the primary rapper, singer, and dancer. She can fall asleep practically anyplace, at any moment, making her the sleepiest person around.

Dahyun’s Profile

In 1998, Kim Da Hyun was born. She is also currently one of the team’s top rappers and dancers. Dahyun is afraid of animals, therefore she frequently purchases plush animals to add to her collection.

Chaeyoung’s Profile

When asked which TWICE member you are, you can respond, “I am Chaeyoung,” if you enjoy eating well, wearing lipstick, and creating art. She is a rapper and performer who uses drawing and Spotify as a calming technique.

Jeongyeon’s Profile

The lead vocalist, Yoo Jeong Yeo, enjoys cleaning, taking showers, and watching action movies. In Korea, she was born in 1996. Her pals claim that she is a stress eater, which means that she might eat when she is tense.

Now, Which TWICE Member Are You?

Finding your doppelganger in a nine-member Korean pop band is difficult. However, answering our quiz correctly and honestly gives you a result. We evaluate your personality and contrast it with the girls’ personalities to determine which is the most comparable. And we can do that in only a few seconds. What are you still holding out for?

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