Quiz: Which Bungou Stray Dogs Character Are You? 2022 Update

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This manga-inspired quiz will reveal which Bungou Stray Dogs character you are based on your personality traits and skills.

The Best Test to Find Your Bungou Stray Dog Family

The exam consists of 20 questions that are based on the manga and anime series Bung Sutorei Doggusu. The objective is to disclose the character you represent in real life by matching your personality to that of the show’s characters.

The questionnaire’s premise is similar to that of our popular Black Butler Quiz. But it delves even further into your darkest self.

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Determine if you are a mafia member or a detective.

Finding out to whose family you belong is one of the benefits of taking the Bungou character quiz. The answers also reveal whether you would be a Mafia or Armed Detective Agency member. (At the moment, no other online test provides this additional data.)

Check your talents and abilities.

Characters from the Bungou Stray Dogs series have unique skills. Your replies to the quiz are analyzed to determine whether or not you possess the aforementioned abilities. Such information is important to some followers because it reveals who they are as people. Additionally, the majority of popular characters use their abilities. So, there’s also that.

Obtain a personality assessment.

We can respond to questions like, “Which Bungou Stray Dog character are I?” using the exam. But we do more than that. In order to understand your personality, we also study your responses outside of the context of the anime episode. By the time it’s all over, you’ll also have a better understanding of who you are and why we think a certain character is like you.

How to Recognize Your Bungou Stray Dogs Character

The variety of identities in each episode makes it difficult to identify which anime character you are. But reading the character summaries of the main heroes or antagonists is one method to handle that. It’s a manual process, though. Without any concrete evidence to match your qualities, you must choose which one you relate to.

That might be made easier by reading a quick description of a few of the Bungou characters.

Atsushi Nakajima, first

Although Atsushi is the primary character of the show, he is not your typical hero. He struggles a lot with guilt and shame and has an excessively low sense of self-worth. However, As a friend, Atsushi is always there for you. However, because of his difficult past and challenging circumstances, he occasionally overreacts to events.

Which Bungou Stray Dog character are you, according to the fans? Atsushi is the choice of many. That’s because he’s relatable and vulnerable.

2nd. Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai is now the most popular character in the Bungou Stray Dogs series, according to the most recent data. He keeps his thoughts and feelings to himself and is a strange and reclusive person. But fans love him because of his confidence and intelligence. Dazai succeeded in becoming the Mafia’s youngest boss, and his adversaries dreaded him more than anything else.

You’re a born leader and a brilliant strategist if you answered “Dazai” to the character quiz. People are inclined to trust your judgment because they respect your wisdom.

Third: Naomi Tanizaki

She doesn’t use her abilities. She has nevertheless become a crucial member of the Armed Detective Agency thanks to her intelligence. The safety and wellness of the other investigators is Naomi’s top priority. She is a motherly figure. Even in dangerous situations, she is committed to supporting her employees. Naomi’s mental stability is another quality that sets her apart from the other girls in the story. She maintains her composure and encourages others despite the ongoing threat and anxiety.

Which Bungou Stra Dogs character do you identify with? Naomi Tanizaki would be chosen by many fans. That’s because she’s adorable, bold, and brave.

#4. Ranpo

Ranpo is a likeable character and one of the series’ sharpest men. He might seem childish and irritable at times, teasing and picking on others. But on the inside, he’s a friend who actually cares. Ranpo does everything in his ability to ensure that he never disappoints any of his detective pals. Even though he occasionally teases them, he covertly keeps an eye on all of them.

Participants who are humorous and intelligent match Ranpo. Everyone finds their brilliance amusing. Additionally, they have the ability to switch between their serious and adult-like moods as needed.

more Bungou figures.

In all the kins, the program includes a ton of other cool boys and girls. So, just take the survey to improve your chances of discovering your ideal partner. It won’t take you more than five minutes to complete. However, the outcomes would be considerably more trustworthy.

Quiz on The Cool Thing About the Stray Dogs in Bungou

The timeline events of the anime program are the basis for every test question. We construct scenarios that are exact replicas of what occurs in the series, unlike other tests that pose cliche questions such, “What is your favorite color?” There are no spoilers, so don’t worry about them. The questions are different from one another even though they are connected to the original Bungou Stray Dogs narrative.

Bonus: You might be a match for the adversaries

To discover which Bungou Stray Dog character you are, you’ve come to this page. However, the test has a catch. You could (or might not) resemble one of the show’s villains. Consider Akutagawa or Mori. Although the anime’s antagonists are well-liked by the audience, few people would want to have personalities similar to them. So, if you don’t want to end up matching a villain, use your words wisely.


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