Quiz: Which League of Legends Character Are You? 2022 Update

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The character you are in this League of Legends quiz is determined by your playstyle, preferred class, and personality. Are you Leona, Lee Sin, Ezreal, or someone else?

Discover Your Champion with This Professional League of Legends Quiz

To determine your League of Legends character match, take the LoL exam, which consists of a set of player persona and gameplay questions. It is built on a database of the profiles of the 159 champions.

The survey contains no right or wrong answers, just like our previous quizzes for mobile games like Minecraft Mob Match. Consequently, you must choose the ones that make the most sense.

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Your LoL Kinnie is here.

The test’s objective is to provide answers to inquiries such “Who is your League of Legends kin?” We explain which major character in the game most closely resembles you and why.

Find out your class and your skills.

The LoL quiz has the benefit of identifying your true class depending on your personality. Even though you play as an assassin, you can end yourself, say, matching a catcher. That’s because there are other metrics outside your in-game preferences. In order to categorize you with the best degree of accuracy, we also assess your persona.

Learn more about the character of your champion.

In order to produce the best results, the 2022 LoL quiz takes into account canon events and lore. Your results come with in-depth analyses that reveal more about the personality of the champion you matched. You discover their origins, motivations, and even personality traits.

How to Use the LoL Champions Quiz

Gameplay analysis, interest inspection, and persona generation make up the test’s three primary sections. Each section aids in the results curation and identification of the ideal League of Legends champion for you. What you should know is as follows.

examining your playing style

The test results depend on how you play League of Legends, Wild Rift, or even Legends of Runeterra. Are you a fierce combatant, a cunning assassin, a long-range mage, or something else entirely? The solution can assist in identifying the champion you actually are.

reviewing your habits and interests.

Your personality might be characterized by the things you enjoy and detest. So, it’s important to know them before answering a question like, “Which League of Legends champion are you?”

constructing your character in the game’s world.

We need to know how you would have responded to the events in Valoran had you been a champion or hero living there. The only method to determine which game character most closely resembles you is in that way. Therefore, before revealing the findings, we use your responses to develop your parallel fictional identity.

How to Recognize Your League of Legends Champion

To find your match, go to the game’s official homepage and look through the list of champions. To determine the one you most closely like in real life, you’ll likely need to read the biographies and personality profiles of the majority of the 159 champs.

Your only other choice is to take the League of Legends character quiz, which is probably not the best decision. So, it’s a choice between doing the hard work yourself or trusting our precise AI-powered questionnaire.

If you want to meet your ideal character the hard way, here is a brief analysis of some of the prominent champs’ personalities.

#1. Israel

The Prodigal Explorer is the champion who is currently played the most, according to LoL statistics. He is regarded as a fearless adventurer who can cause problems as well as solve it. Ezreal enjoys finding creative solutions to escape risky circumstances and frequently uses his brains to do it.

#2. Leona

Which League of Legends champion are you, you might ask the crowd. and the number of people who chose Leona the Radiant Dawn will astonish you. She is pictured as a formidable warrior who carries wisdom and enlightenment. The holy vanguard has a fearless, assertive, and composed personality.

#3. Vayne

The Night Hunter is avenging and without regret. Only by killing her foes can she quell her bloodlust. Vayne’s personality might be characterized as remote, goal-oriented, and serious. Despite the fact that she is still plagued by the trauma of her past, she is still a formidable marksman safeguarding her country.

Four. Thresh

The Chain Warden is sly and cruel. He is one of League of Legends’ most ruthless champions due to his ambition and restlessness. Despite that, many players would actually pick him when asked, “Which LoL character are you?” That is as a result of his undeniable strength and dependability in warfare.

other League of Legends characters.

The game has more than 159 champions as of 2022, and there are possibly still more who will be revealed. Finding your counterpart or soulmate on your own is therefore not an easy undertaking. The simplest, quickest, and most accurate way to find your match in League of Legends is to take the quiz. To optimize the outcomes, it takes into account every facet of your personality as well as how you approach the game.

What Is Unique About This League of Legends Quiz?

The only LoL champion test designed by professional players is this one. It doesn’t include irrelevant questions like “What is your favorite color?” like other alternatives do. Instead, all queries are motivated by the lore of the game and the most recent gameplay updates. And that’s why it’s so unique.

You’ve found the perfect place if you’re seeking for a true quiz created by gamers for gamers.


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